Thursday, 30 August 2007

Books I Read in August

Total: 6 books.

Voice of the Gods (Trudi Canavan)
Digging To America (Anne Tyler)
PostSecret (Frank Warren)
Dear Nobody (Berlie Doherty)
Persuading Annie (Melissa Nathan)
The C Words (Mark Mason)

I borrowed Voice of the Gods from Kimball as it's only just been released in hardback and I own the other two in paperback. The nice thing about Trudi Canavan's books is that you don't wait for the next one only to discover it's half as good as the last. I read this in bits over a couple of days finishing on the 14th. A fairly easy fantasy read which I shall acquire in paperback at some point.

Digging To America was a Borders Oxford Street buy (they'll be getting scarcer now). I think it was an Orange Shortlist book. I've been quite a while reading it, lots of little bits with long breaks. It follows two families after they each adopt a child from abroad.

Not really a book of much reading, PostSecret is one of Lizi's arty books. I'm pretty sure I'd read about this before I read it. The book is a collection of postcards from a group art project in which people were invited to anonymously contribute their secrets in a creative manner on one or more postcards. This book is the kind of thing I really like to look at but would never have myself so it was really good to have a look at. I sat down and read through these on the sunny afternoon of the 5th.

Another book from Lizi's shelves, Dear Nobody is/was a GCSE(?) text so I've read it many times before. It was kinda nice to read it again having mostly forgotten the details. It's pretty short but enjoyable. This was possibly the first time in a while I've finished two books in one day (05/08), but I had started it the day before.

Persuading Annie (05/08) was the other half of a buy-one-get-one-half-price
at Borders Stockport (the other book being England England). Another chick-lit, but one by an author I know to be ok. It was a little predictable but a not-too-boring easy read. Lizi wants to read it and then it's going to Kathryn (UK) via BookMooch.

I don't think I've ever read a man-authored chick-lit that hasn't been brilliant, until now. The C Words (commitment, coupledom, children) is like the many decidedly average girly novels of the world. (I'm not entirely sure why so many of them continue to be published, it's not like the ideas are new and unique). I picked this one off the many on Lizi's bookshelf and read it in the morning on 4th August after a rather nice after-camp shower. Mmmm, hot shower...

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