Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Beer, Organisation, Chocolate

I'm not entirely sure about this beer lark. I don't drink much of it, and I don't drink anything else (alcoholic) but I'm not entirely sure it agrees with me. I have drunk beer twice that I can recently remember (and no, I haven't been drunk enough to not remember). Both times I have been squiggly-tummied in the morning. Will I learn? Not likely.

In unrelated things, I am organising. I have been upstairs and looked at my box of kitchen-ness for uni. I have 2 plates, 2 bowls, 3 mugs... 1 knife, 1 fork. Cutlery is one of those magical mysteries of every university kitchen. You start the year with some, you buy some more, you buy yet more and still there is none. Amazing.

In still more unrelated things, does chocolate go stale? I got lots of chocolate for Christmas. I don't eat lots of chocolate at once so I nibbled some of a box and left the rest behind. Having discovered some yesterday I ate another handful. The chocolates are individually wrapped and I assume since they were from this Christmas that the dates on them can't have been too awful but they didn't quite taste as I thought they should. Clearly, next time, I shall have to take them with me for more immediate nibbling.

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