Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Referencing With Word 2007

Referencing with Word 2007 is one of those things I'll never quite understand. Word (and possibly just Office in general) 2007 is, by far, the best office software I've ever used and is, quite probably, the most pleasing Microsoft sotware ever. However, the whole referencing feels like something that they designed well and then just never bothered finishing. It goes so far... and then stops.

Why do they have a neat, extensible, configurable underlying system that can't be played with from the UI?

Sadly, none of the in built referencing styles suit the documents I want to write. Fortunately it's all done based on xsl files. Unfortunately, there's no interface to customise/create them.

Last time I had this problem it was early days and noone had done much to create other styles. More recently this is almost still the case except, it seems, for some (now much loved) bloke on Code Plex.

I've started out by downloading his IEEE style to have a play with which is good but isn't quite what I want. There seems to be quite a bit there for supporting DIY though which could be rather useful.

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