Sunday, 28 September 2008

Just the way it is...

Is how I'd like my Ben & Jerry's to stay!

Following Blogger's Blogs of Note tonight I've ended up at this blog, conservation without the weirdos :) It seems that some crazy restaurant owner in Switzerland has had the bright idea of replacing his dairy-based ingredients with human breast milk:

“The idea first came to me when I noticed that there were many young mothers in our village, some of them single. I thought to myself: why not make use of their potential? I served the meals to my friends without telling them about the new ingredient and the feedback was excellent.”
(quoted in this article on Times Online)

I'm glad I'm not his friend! Much as I'd agree that breast is indeed best, and I would like to think that short of some unfortunate medical condition there is nothing likely to cause me from failing to breast feed my own children one day, that is it's purpose - feeding my children. I can't imagine wanting to supply my friends or strangers with a Saffy-breast pancake, soup or the supplied Chanterelle sauce! Equally, I can't see the appeal of any food product based on someone else's breast milk - perhaps on a base level this is absurd, after all it's still milk and the concept is roughly the same from cow, sheep or goat to human, and yet... no. So, well done Ben & Jerry's, you shall retain my custom! (And I shall remember to be oh so slightly wary when in Switzerland next year).

From the same blog, this reference to the rather grim tongue biter louse (or Cymothoa exigua) is interesting and simultaneously slightly grim. Probably for the best is the kindly reminder that it's not partial to the human tongue as inevitably this was where my mind went. The original article gives a 'nice' picture with a pink tonguey looking thing, but this image feels a lot more lousy:

Bit more exotic than your common garden flea or head louse, but the knowledge that I couldn't gain one puts it slightly further down my grim list than those nasty half-in-half-out ticks hiding out on our campsites (*shiver*).

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