Saturday, 5 January 2008

Shopping goodness!

I am a girl, today I went shopping and enjoyed it.

I went to the Manchester Arndale centre today as I needed to drop my MacBook in for a repair (only the casing, hurrah). The Apple Store in the Arndale is pretty small and feels very different to the Regent Street, London shop. Just opposite the Arndale Apple Store is a very nice Waterstones, not the largest I've been in but easily the most spacious. I came home and told everyone that the Waterstones feels like an Apple store, it's yummy!

Anyway, I didn't buy anything in either the Apple Store or Waterstones but stuck my nose into Primark on my way back to Manchester Piccadilly and bought three t-shirts and two pairs of shoes (shoes!?! I really am a girl). Had just missed a train at Piccadilly so went to the HMV on the station concourse and spotted The Hoosiers album, The Trick to Life in the sale (it hadn't been in the Lancaster and Liverpool branches) so bought that, McFly's All the Greatest Hits (don't laugh) and Scouting For Girls self-named album. With student discount and a twenty pound gift card, the whole lot cost me a total of £1.53, bargain!

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