Thursday, 10 January 2008

Dress Shopping!

Yet more shopping, I really am a girl. Today I have been out to buy a dress for the concert on Saturday as I don't seem to have one I can get access to between now and then.

Given the requirements of it being a dress, preferrably plain, preferrably black, most of the shops in Lancaster were just useless (terrible punctuation there, sorry). Found lots of choice in New Look though which was excellent and most of it in the sale. Finally narrowed it down to two dresses and at £10 each I decided to buy both. I shall take them both home and let others do the deciding.

£10 for a nice evening dress - madness!

Once I'd got the dress(es) I moved onto shoes and also bought two pairs. I'll quite possibly take one back without wearing them though. I'm not sure. I think one pair goes slightly better but that pair have open toes and the others don't. Open toes in January might look a bit daft (apart from just being pretty darn chilly). Thoughts?

(I like my makeshift displayness!)

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