Friday, 2 March 2012

An Interesting Array of Objects

As I sit here procrastinating, this struck me as quite an interesting arrangement of objects:

This is the base of my shiny Apple work monitor and is typically used as a store for small objects that I want to know where they are. It currently contains:
  • Post-it bookmarks - I read hefty programming tomes rarely, but when I do these are an essential I *love* them. I was first introduced to them by my dad and quickly adopted them for myself. This particular set came from Amazon.
  • A bottle top - I drink too much (water) to be constantly hopping up to top up my mug so have a 2 litre bottle within arms reach at all times. I'm not totally sure why I keep the top since I don't think I ever use them, just in case I guess.
  • Nail file - I bite my nails, then I regret it and file them tidy again.
  • A Swiss franc - I'm off to Switzerland for a conference later this month.
  • A lady bug - I was given one of these in a German lesson last term because they're apparently significant and represent good luck. I lost mine immediately but then later found one by a bus stop - lucky me!
  • Four paper clips - I thought I would use these as part of my thesis reading organisation... they're still there.
  • Three sewing needles - this is perhaps overkill for work! There's normally only one but I brought one in on Wednesday for the Calorimetry and also took one out of my purse the same day; some tidying up required!
  • iPod Nano - this is my running iPod. I really must go for a run this week! I was doing really well with the Couch25K for a while and then have basically stopped at week 7. Every week (or so) I squeeze in one more week 7 run but never progress. Whoops!
Now, back to some thesis?

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