Monday, 5 March 2012

FO: Stripe Tease

They've been a little while coming, but I finally finished my Stripe Tease Socks:

I started these as a last minute project for December's "Unusual Construction" SKA Challenge but I think I knew even then that they weren't going to get done in time, I just really wanted to knit them.

The cuff and toe are knit in the round and then the rest of the sock is knit flat, in strips -- initially three short strips down to the heel, followed by three more short strips for the base of the foot, then finally three long strips all the way down the front of the leg and foot. Each strip is connected to the others through knitting only, no sewing required but lots of stitches to pick up.

I think the last strip in particular is magic -- it feels like zipping up the sock!

And finally it all comes together and your left with a toeless sock. One toe later and you have this:

Pattern: Stripe Tease by General Hogbuffer.
Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball in colourway U Boot (Submarine) 1511.
Mods: Nothing deliberate but the second one came out more true to the pattern than the first!
Projects: online on Ravelry.

PS - Yes, I can feel the "seams" on the bottom of my foot. Surprisingly though, they don't actually bother me once my feet are actually walking.

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