Monday, 22 February 2010

Nights Away

I've had the record card for GirlGuiding North-West England's 'Get Away From Home' challenge on my desktop for a number of weeks now. I need to sort it out for the Brownies and Guides but tonight I sat down and went through my calendar to see what I've done since January 2008:

Some observations...

  • Busyness really does clump together. Compare camping in 2008 to 2009 (20 nights vs. 5 nights total), in particular summer 2008 which involved four separate camps - remember also these are just Guiding commitments, there were many other nights away from home that weren't Guiding related.
  • I do many more one and two night residentials than I would have acknowledged, this actually accounts for most of my nights away.
  • I don't do most of my nights away from home at Silverdale and Forton - if I'd been asked prior to this I'd have told you I did almost all our nights away at these two sites.
  • I need to stay at home more!

And now it's bedtime. Here in Maryland (oh look, I'm away from home again) it's gone 10:30pm - definately time for this jet-lagged English girl to get some sleep!

1 comment:

  1. Cool, that's a lot of nights! I really wish Midlands did this scheme too, I know it's possible to get Anglia badges even if you're not in Anglia but I'd rather have Midlands ones!

    If we're adding up since Jan 2008 I'd be behind you though. Let me count out: sleepover 1, Guide camp 2, Brownie camp 2, sleepover 1, pack hol 3, sleepover 1. 10 nights. I'm adding another 3 in the next two months though. :-)



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