Tuesday, 17 November 2009

FO: Infolab Baby Sweater

Wooo! A finished object :)

Pattern: Seamless Kimono Baby Sweater
Yarn: Araucania Ulmo, colourway 760 - Green (1 skein), Patons UK Linen Touch DK, colourway 026 - Mandarin (0.5 skein)
Project: online at Ravelry.

Started this on 1st November, so finished it in just over two weeks - and most of that was probably bringing myself to weave in all those ends. Although I wouldn't have been able to finish the project in just the green yarn, I really didn't think out how none-trivial the bottom colourwork was going to be. Sadly I ended up creating a lot of loose ends and made the tension of all those joins a wee bit odd. It looks mostly OK now... just as long as you don't stare at the bottom sides too hard. (Guess who might do that).

Not a bad match for its namesake either :)

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