Friday, 24 July 2009


My current primary WIP:

It's going to be one of these done in black and gold to match this dress - maybe even in time for the wedding I plan to wear it to :)

I'm using two yarns, a plain black (Malabrigo Sock [colour: Black]) and a yellow/cold multiway (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock [colour: Steelers Pride]).

I started this project (after a number of false starts) on a smaller needle but had some gauge issues. Much happier with the way this looks on the larger needle (although I'm now having the opposite gauge issue, if rather reduced) and with the Steelers Pride colourway spread out a little more by the Malabrigo (in the first incarnations the bell of the sleeve was entirely done in the Steelers, I now do alternate rows - or thereabouts). There’s a bit of colour pooling on the very end of the sleeve, but never mind. Compare the above photos to this one showing the quantity of gold in the original:

Hopefully the end product will roughly fit, roughly match and be ready in time.

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