Friday, 31 July 2009

99.9% Finished

My 'other' WIP:

This is nearly, nearly, nearly (maybe already) finished. I've done all the knitting to be done and tucked in the ends. I just need to decide how it will fasten (I picked up a piece of black cord today that might do if I decide to use a tie) and whether I'm doing the crocheted edge. The edge wouldn't be in doubt but for the fact that my shoulders are a tad too narrow and so making this even a teeny bit wider is a little questionable.

Bit grumpy that I'm skinnier even than I thought. I did try the sample in Natural Stitches which seemed passable and at every possible measuring point this matched the instructions close to bang on... I wonder what the gauge of the sample was :o) Still, the yumminess of the yarn by far overshadows any size qualms - I absolutely love this colourway!

As to the project I should have been knitting when I was finishing this off? It's getting there. I've completed the right sleeve and have managed to get my way through the first repeat on the left - just have to find plenty of knitting time so I can move it along again.

PS - My work project is also in the 90-something% done stage. What a productive me! (Just don't remind me that I've only got two working days left before I leave).

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