Thursday, 12 June 2008

On 'The Cuteness of Babies'

Are all babies cute? Are any of them cuter than others?

People have babies and everyone instantly declares them cute but I'm not entirely convinced. Very small babies look mostly the same, they look like very small babies. As soon as they start to get a bit bigger then they also seem to get slightly better looking and a scale of baby cuteness seems to come into play.

Big round smiley babies might well be cute, small not doing anything babies are just babies.

(Until I have one at least)

1 comment:

  1. I always found most newborns look like ET, or my Grandfather. Even my own daughter, I'd look down at her when she was having her bottle, and think, "Gee, she looks just like Yeh-yeh..." But I find that cute about them. Perhaps it's just a personality thing. I love babies, but then I have friends who just aren't fussed about them at all.



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