Monday, 30 June 2008

Books I Read in June

Total: 6 books.

The Dark River (John Twelve Hawks)
The Traveller (John Twelve Hawks)
Sourcery (Terry Pratchett)
The End of Mr. Y (Scarlett Thomas)
Sex God (Rob Bell)
Derik's Bane (MaryJanice Davidson)

Altough I was slightly gutted to find when I bought this that Waterstones had removed it from their 3 for 2 collection the day before, I'm glad I got round to buying and reading The Dark River (30/06). I enjoyed this book at least as much as I remember enjoing the previous one and will now have to wait another couple of years for the final book!

I reread The Traveller (29/06) before reading The Dark River as I last read it in 2005 just after it was released in paperback. I do like this book but I think it was slighly more fun to read the first time around.

Sourcery (24/06) was my Discworld for the month and is apparently among many peoples 'best' Discworld novels. I'm not so sure on that front, I enjoyed it and I do like Rincewind but it's possibly a bit early to judge favourites.

I've looked at the covers of a few of Scarlett Thomas's books before but never bought or read one - The End of Mr. Y (23/06) was a Waterstones offer of the week and is now the first :) This book is really clever, enjoyable and suprisingly easy to read. I almost didn't buy it because my quick skimming of the text made me think kids book but the content is actually quite adult. The End of Mr. Y is a book about a book - a book that no-one alive has ever read and is one of those clever original fantasies that makes you want to read more... Bookmooch search time I think! Despite everything I put this book onto Bookmooch as I have waay too many books to be keeping them really.

I borrowed Sex God from the library to read it despite the fact I do actually own a copy... somewhere.

Derik's Bane was an impulse library read- it looked short :) It's an easy to read book but I wasn't too sure about it. It was very unsubtly for a werewolf novel - I think I prefer my books of this nature to be more like Annette Curtis Klause's Blood & Chocolate.

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