Monday, 5 November 2007

The Trials Associated With Submitting a Piece of Coursework

Today I almost failed to submit a piece of work I have already handed in.

Courswork for the MSc. is due on a Friday at 3pm with a grace period that extends to midday the following Monday with no penalty. I didn't want to have to panic over the weekend if I could avoid it, so worked hard on Thursday night to ensure it was fit to hand in on Friday. Friday morning I got up, went to campus, printed the essay (and a cover sheet) and handed it all in before doing anything else. All done!

Only it wasn't :)

Today at my group meeting for the AISD coursework I was chatting to Bernie. He'd finished his last night and electronically submitted a copy before printing it off and handing it in this morning. With that rather timely reminder, I nipped down to the labs to submit the work electronically at 11:15am - rather closer to the deadline than I intended!

Still, at least I did get it in before twelve. A mark of zero is awarded for any work submitted without a cover sheet or submitted without an electronic copy!

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