Friday, 9 November 2007

"Every BODY Is Beautiful" - Pretty Spoons!

I thought I'd read a couple of the blogger featured blogs today (since my coursework's roughly done). This mostly involved scrolling down the page and taking a quick look at the pictures whilst maybe reading five of the words. I'm not really a girly fashiony kind of girl, but I quite liked The Glam Guide (it does have lots of picutres after all). For an especially pretty picture look at the entry '"Every BODY Is Beautiful" Charity Auction for NEDA' (Nov 7th 2007), or just look here:

(Image taken from the original Glam Guide blog entry, here)

Pretty spoon necklaces! They're apparently made by jewelry designer Karin Collins and these three have been specially (uniquely) crafted for the National Eating Disorders Association (that's US national).

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