Saturday, 6 June 2015

Books I Read in May

The Formula (Luke Dormehl)
Knitting for Peace (Betty Christiansen)
Confessions of a GP (Dr. Benjamin Daniels)
Further Confessions of a GP (Dr. Benjamin Daniels)

Not much to report in terms of exciting reading (completed) this month...

The Formula was the second of the two books bought at the airport last month. Although the lesser of those two books, this was probably the most interesting read this month, but was just a bit shallow for my liking,

Knitting for Peace has been an under-the-bed book that gets pulled out when I'm looking for something that requires zero brain -- this month I made it to the end :)

Confessions of a GP and Further Confessions of a GP were more mindless reading for a weekend when my brain was utterly fried. Picked them up from the library and I was done with both within 24 hours. The speed of reading, however, says far more about how little I could bring myself to do that weekend than it does about how immersive the books were.

I really need to finish a good book.

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