Monday, 31 December 2012

Knit the Queue

Mooncalf recently came up with a gem of an idea - she made it her goal to knit her entire Ravelry queue in 2013. Very quickly others were planning to do the same and a Ravelry group was born - the group currently has 205 members and I am one of them :)

So, as of 31st December 2012, my queue for 2013 looks like this (in no particular order):

Mostly garments:
Four pairs of socks:
And a selection of other cute accessories:
Total:   21 items

This is a little very ambitious for me, I've knit a total of four garments ever so far BUT it is what I've bought most yarn for this year and so I need to start with the knitting already. I know there will most likely be more socks than these four and I know that even with these 21 projects I'm looking at one every two weeks, but it feels worth having some sort of plan and trying to stick to it. If nothing else I need to be reminding myself how many cute projects I already have yarn for (almost all of these, starritt snuck its way onto the list without yarn -- a weak moment?). Two of these projects actually already have swatches sat around too.

I still have a few WIPs to carry over to 2013, yesterday I finished a hat and today I've done one of two side seams on my Angostura but despite my best efforts I know I'll have the Angostura, a cardigan in King Kole Riot Chunky and a pair of Sideswipe socks to continue with in the new year. That said, the yarn is wound to start my first socks of 2013 -- the Wildflower Socks for SKA's Flora and Fauna challenge.

Here's hoping 2013 will be a productive year with minimal stashing!

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