Monday, 18 June 2012

FO: Booties

These have been a long time coming. Cast on in March(!) I've finally finished them today, more than three months later.

Why so long? I don't love them. I think the contrast of the black against the orange is a bit too harsh but I didn't have enough orange to finish them any other way. (I don't hate them either mind).

They've spent around two months waiting for 18 stitches to be grafted - that's it. The baby they were knit for is now rather too big for them so they'll go in the gift box and wait for the next baby to come along :)

Pattern: Stay-on baby booties
Yarn: The last of the Regia Stretch Color in colourway Edmonton, bought for my first ever pair of socks and also used for some blanket squares.
Mods: Knit in the round, slightly shorter leg.
Project: Online at Ravelry.

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