Thursday, 10 May 2012

Growing Things

I recently switched desks in my office so that I could see out of the windows. One entire wall of our office is windows. With my new easy-reach windowsills, and a sudden interest in growing things (I think I've suddenly turned middle-aged), I've set about seeing what I can achieve.

First, my chilli's and a lone pepper (one of eight planted). These were first in and are the most recent plants to start looking like plants rather than just pots of soil. There's a slight chance that it's one chilli and a few peppers coming up, my labeling wasn't quite up to the job when I started planting.

One of a my Chillis?
A lone pepper?

Next, some sugar snap peas:

And finally, some very keen tomatoes:

There's a few more bits and bobs that haven't shown themselves yet, I look forward to introducing them when they do :)

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