Wednesday, 29 February 2012

For want of some yarn

You may not believe it, but right now - this very moment in time - I am in need of some yarn:

This is my latest quick knit. Started on the bus home after work last night the knitting was all done before bed. This is a Calorimetry - a knitted headband to keep my ears warm and hide the many bad hair days that have caught me out recently.

So it's all done? Well no, not quite. The knitting is done but the whole thing fastens with a button at the back and I didn't have anything suitable. This morning I nipped to the market and found a small green button for 15 pence. I bought one and a spare (just in case).

Back at work now and awaiting my lunch break I've realised that despite remembering to bring the needle to sew the button on with, I've managed to leave behind the yarn ends I'd kept for sewing the button on. So, but for the want of some yarn, this project would have been finished -- instead it'll have to wait until tonight.


  1. I actually kind of miss the indoor market stall haberdashers in Lancaster. Mostly because they were inexpensive :oP

    That yarn looks delicious and squishy! Just checked your Rav project and mmmmalabrigo! No wonder :oD

  2. Looks good! Photos once finished please!



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