Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WIP Wednesday: Skew

This week's work-in-progress is a Sock Knitters Anonymous SOCKDOWN challenge sock...

It's the first of the month and accordingly my WIP is a brand new pair of socks cast on this morning. Unexpectedly, it's the second time I've cast on this project in two days - yesterday I had the date wrong! Fortunately, I also noticed that the yarn couldn't really be described as self-striping (stripes nowhere to be seen) which was this month's challenge so I didn't feel too terrible about ripping it back and starting over today instead.

Here's today's version:

I love the yarn - it's Wendy Happy which I've used this before for some bright red pink socks for my husband. I loved the sheen on the socks when they were done and in December when I visited Edinburgh I picked up two more colourways - one for him and one for me. This is the one for me (but he has his eye on it...)

The pattern will be one from a few knitty's ago: Skew.


  1. How's Hey Teach getting on? I haven't missed it as a FO Friday have I?

  2. Hey Teach was sat in the dining room - but after your prompt I have Soaked it and it is pinned out and drying.

    Most of it looks good. I suspect the sleeves will be too tight but I kinda knew that at the time.



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