Saturday, 24 July 2010

Armenia, Part 1...

So, I've fleetingly mentioned GOLD (once here, and then a second time here), and I had the greatest of intentions to follow those brief mentions with some actual information. Unfortunately, as is the way, I totally failed to do anything about letting people know what was going on and now I'm in Armenia!

So the story begins in October last year when I attending a Guiding weekend called INTOPS (International Opportunities), it was a fab weekend and I met lots of lovely folks all of whom seemed more suited to every project than I did. Imagine my surprise therefore to receive a letter some weeks letter telling me I'd been selected to participate in the GOLD project in Armenia to develop GirlGuiding over there (PR, training and recruitment). From then to now there've been four briefing weekends and a team of six of us have been frantically planning away until... yesterday we all hopped on a plane and five hours later we landed in Yerevan!

OK, so that's the really potted version but I'm the last member of the team to get to the Internet - if you want to know more you can follow Team Armenia's adventures on our blog. Alternatively, if you hang around long enough I promise to expand on things when I have a bit more time, I'll be keeping some comprehensive notes in the meantime :)

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