Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hotel Review - Park Inn, Nottingham

So you can't write a hotel review on TripAdvisor without registering... here's mine.

The room was fine. Nicely but cheaply decorated, it looked a little like a student room or yes, perhaps something from Ikea. I didn't really see too much wrong with this - at least they weren't hideous. Bright, modern with a nice large window. Unfortunately, the doors to some rooms seemed quite noisy leading to a few disturbances as people got going earlier in the morning than I had intended.

Apparently the room has good swimming and gym facilities but I didn't use them so can't really comment. It is well located, about a 30 minute walk to Nottingham centre, quicker by car/bus/tram (it's got a car park and is close to bus stops etc). Wireless internet was fortunately free as part of the conference I attended but Joe Average visitor is charged £6.50 for a total of 60 minutes access in 24 hours - not cheap. No wired internet is available.

What I can very positively say about this hotel is the friendlyness of the staff. This was demonstrated several times by various members of their staff throughout our stay and was a real plus for this hotel.

Visit their web site.


  1. Hi,

    I deleted for personal reasons, I've created instead if you want to follow me, though I am going to stick to just Guiding from now on so I'll understand if you don't!

  2. TripAdvisor is fantastic so well done for adding to it. It's the most brilliant way of getting behind the PR bullshit and finding out what a hotel or resort is really like - all budgets. And yes, friendly staff is very important.

    The writer Libby Purves once said that UK hotels in particular - the posho ones are very good at the surface manners, the 'yes sirs and madams' but less good at real service, so if you need the baby's bottle heating at a late hour - good luck. But hotels are generally getting better. I remember staying at a cheap hotel in Torquay as a child and the manager shouting at breakfast: 'Only one slice of bacon per plate!' and giving my mum the evil eye because she had the temerity to request a second cup of tea!



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