Sunday, 13 July 2008

Back in the world!

Back from camp today, it's only been the weekend but I seem to have lots of email and excitement!

So, what's going on...

I've sold my eBay item, hurrah! £5.50 for a badge that cost me 20p isn't bad going :) Better post that soon with the books that I seem to have had mooched while I've been gone...

I've got three books to post: The Wags Diary (Book Mooch), Jesus Freaks (Read It, Swap It) and Slam (Book Mooch).

Kinder came second in Llangollen last week, they sang Ubi Caritas which I mostly like except the very middle bit which is just unnerving. It's a very technical song. They also sang To Agni which I've liked ever since I struggled over learning it for the CD when I was in choir. Llangollen Eisteddfod has a very cool new website that lets you watch videos of the performances which I have spent much of this evening doing... the Kinder one is here. It seems that one of the set pieces for the Junior competition was Badgers & Hedgehogs... I remember singing that as a far too old member of the Kinder Juniors :) The choir in second was that nice Welsh choir that I like.

I have mistakenly booked for 20 males to go to Switzerland in August next year :)

And probably some other things... I'm very tired :)

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