Friday, 19 October 2007

The World's Longest Make-up

Where by make-up I refer to the assembly of a number of reels of cinematic film (that sounds almost clever) not mascara, lipstick etc., and not the kind of making up you do after an arguement with some other person.

With that out of the way... Today I finished what may well have been the longest make-up in the history of everything ever. I started the make-up of Magicians yesterday at around 1pm and as a result of a number of delays had only finished the first reel by the time I needed to leave just before 6pm. Having become ever-so-slightly frustrated with the whole thing, I prepared the second reel and left.

I turned up today with plenty of time before the showing and was pleased that the four reels that remained went on swiftly and without issue. Plenty of time was left for sitting and thinking about coursework over a nice drink - hurrah!

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