Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Voodoo Lady

1. Put All Your Music On Shuffle
2. Press next and put the title of each song as the answer

1)How would you describe your family?
Annilhilation - A Perfect Circle. (Um.)

2)How would you describe your friends?
I Love You - Doug Horley. (Awww :))

3)How would you describe yourself?
Sound the Trumpet - Dave Bilbrough. (I'm not that good).

4)How would people describe you?
A Lotta Locomotion - Starlight Express. (?)

How Would you survive if:

5)You were homeless?
Fall On The South - Gone With The Wind. (I've never heard this before in my life I'm sure. I've also no idea quite what it means.)

(There was actually some other track in here, but it was Japenese Characters for the title [something from the Howl's Moving Castle soundtrack] and I couldn't see me getting too far with that).

6)You met your favourite stars?
Addicted - Lit. (Sort of works).

Your life:

7)How did people react when you were born?
Missing Person - Michael Smith.

8)How were you as a toddler?
Woo Hoo - The's. (Party animal me!)

9)What was your first day at school like?
My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms - Bon Jovi. (I can't remember, but I'm fairly sure that's not true.)

10)How about last year?
Far Away - Nickelback. (As in distance? Or just that it seems so long ago?)

11)How was your childhood?
Frankenstein - Edgar Winter. (So that's why I was so popular :))

12)What about your 13th birthday?
Crying - Don McLean.

13)Teenage years?
Drink With Me - Les Miserables. (That'd be everyone else's teenage years then :))

14)How is you future planned out?
Let Me Finish - Song & Dance.

Catch The Sun - Jamie Cullum.

16)Old age?
Turn - Travis.

17)What will your song be at your funeral?
It's a Man's World - Forbidden Planet. (So clearly I didn't belong here in the first place!)

18)Last wishes?
Pick A Part That's New - Stereophonics. (I don't really get this one).


19)What do you like to do in your spare time?
Same Old Song & Dance - Aerosmith. (Only if there's noone to see/hear me do it :))

20)Repost this as...?
Voodoo Lady - Ween.

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